Everybody’s fill of culture during the Luna Festival

From dancing to figure drawing and from music to drama. Visitors to the Luna Festival could revel in culture to their heart’s content last Saturday. The cultural associations that had moved from the Bunker to Luna in the autumn of 2017 presented themselves during the first edition of the festival.


The Luna Festival that was held last Saturday attracted over five hundred visitors, says Nadine Bartman, secretary of Scala – the umbrella organization of the cultural associations. “There was great zest for the workshops. The origami workshop conducted by Kinjin drew many interested visitors. We had a fantastic day. It was a great pity, though, that we had to vacate the premises at night because the fire alarm was activated by the smoke machine. Fortunately people were allowed to go in to get their coats, as it was very cold outside. At that point we still had two more acts to go as well as a performance, by the Aeris Brass Band, which could still take place once we were inside again. Otherwise things proceeded very smoothly, though.”

The film below, which was made by Rien Meulman, gives an impression of the festival.

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