A ‘new world’ at the Luna Festival

The Luna Festival will lead us through a new world full of art and culture. On March 16, from 14:00 tot 02:00, Eindhoven will have the opportunity to discover new forms of dance, singing and theatre once again. Scala and Studium Generale look back with satisfaction on the first edition of the festival that offers culture associations a platform. But they have also learned a lot: “I hope the fire alarm won’t go off this year,” says the Festival’s commissioner Benjamin Plets jokingly.

photo Luna Festival

The team started organizing the festival back in June already and according to Plets, social work student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, things went a lot smoother than last year. He thanks the previous commission for that. “They spent a lot more time finding acts for the first edition and they still had to figure everything out. This time, everything was much easier and we made decisions much quicker.”

Last year’s success has led the commission to come up with only a few small changes. Such as the new theme: ‘A new world.’ “It’s a sequel to last year’s theme ‘Fly me to the moon;’ we arrive in a new world and go on a journey of discovery,” says Plets. This year’s festival will not feature more acts and workshops than last year, but they will be longer. And Scala will use less space this year. “This way, people will stay together. We had 550 visitors last year and I’m hoping for about 700 people this year. A bit optimistic perhaps, but that’s only natural when you think big!” The smoke machines made the fire alarm go off last year and the smoke went into the elevator shafts. There will not be any smoke machines near the elevators this year.

Expectations for this year

The festival, which will be held on nine locations, offers the cultural student associations represented by umbrella association Scala a platform to present themselves to the audience. About half of all acts will be performed by the associations themselves, the other half by other groups. Visitors can follow a Zouk workshop at Footloose (the Zouk workshop of E.S.D.V. Footloose), swordfight at The Knights Of The Kitchentable in cooperation with Kinijn, and test their knowledge with the Pubquiz, made by Chronos and Studentproof. Always wanted to learn Japanese? This is your chance because Japanese Culture Association Kinjin will give a workshop

Discover your feminine side during a Burlesque workshop. Plets: “We want the festival to be an enjoyable and inspiring experience for people who are new to the world of art, and for long-time culture enthusiasts.”

Forty acts and workshops will be held throughout the day. Scala also wanted to program familiar names. Comedy quartet ‘Herman in een bakje geitenkwark’ will perform the opening act.

Beyond TU/e

The festival doesn’t just welcome TU/e students and staff. Plets says that Scala gives something back to the city by opening its doors to all of Eindhoven and its surroundings. He will have his hands full on March 16 and has some suggestions: “We booked a very special improvisation comedy act, Pipi Bellli & Jordy Sanchez, that you really should see. I also recommend Peter and the Wolf, performed by wind quintet Hok2 supported by a shadow play from Doppio.”

Entrance is free for about half of all acts. The organization asks an entrance fee of two euros for the other half. “That contribution is mostly symbolic. It’s an extra incentive and makes sure the workshops won’t be half empty. It also gives us an idea of how many people will visit the workshops,” says Plets.

You can already sign up for the workshops that do cost money here. The Workshops are for beginners and have no minimum age requirement. Nevertheless, a minimum age of 16 is advised.

The organization is still looking for volunteers. You will receive a festival T-shirt and compensation for lunch. Volunteers will also have enough time to attend the workshops. Sign up here.


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