Workshops and performances during first Luna Festival

The associations in Luna are not unhappy with their new accommodation. They are getting along well, only the sharing of rooms is taking some getting used to. This coming Saturday they will be presenting themselves extensively during the Luna Festival, the first edition of a cultural festival with workshops and performances.


Piano sounds wafting around, visitors enjoying a drink in Hubble, and board members having a meeting. It's certainly lively in Luna's De Plint, home to many, including the cultural associations, the Recruitment Days Committee, and the Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven. In the fall of 2017 the associations moved from the Bunker to Luna. Studium Generale (SG) too is making good use of the rooms for its activities.

“I'm aware that we are now physically closer and have better contact than in the Bunker,” explains Nadine Bartman, secretary of Scala - the umbrella association of the cultural associations  - and one of the organizers of the Luna Festival. “On the other hand, we have less freedom. In the Bunker there were no opening hours, for example, whereas Luna closes at 02.00 hrs. And if we want to hang up anything, we have to ask the building manager's permission. But you get used to that. When we make an appointment, we have to take each other into account, and sometimes there's a bit of juggling involved. We have a booking system and that basically works. Being able to cook together is something we're still missing. We are due to talk to Camelot soon about the possibility of using the kitchen.”  


Lucas Asselbergs, head of Studium Generale, has been involved for the past two years in the relocation of the associations to Luna, and in his capacity at SG is a fellow user of the facilities. Asselbergs: “It was evident before the move that some rooms would have to be shared by multiple users. That wasn't so in the Bunker, where a lot of users had their own room. This made the Bunker less accessible to outsiders; in this respect Luna is more accessible. And this is something that's still developing. The associations are still finding their way in terms of using the available stuff. They aren't put into the store room at the end of every day - no one wants to set up - and dismantle - a drum kit time and again - and minor damage has already been caused here and there - a coffee stain on a piano, for example. We'll need to discuss that.

Complex schedule

As SG we are satisfied with the facilities. The projection and the light and sound are very good. The seating in the Corona Room is something we'll need to take a good look at. If the room is full, it is difficult to get up the steep stairs. The nuisance factor is minimal and the opening of the Hubble bar is good for the ambiance. We have a complex schedule but, generally speaking, it's running pretty smoothly.”

The associations and Studium Generale are presenting themselves on Saturday from 14.00 to 02.00 hrs during the Luna Festival. As a visitor, you can join in activities such as a life-drawing workshop, and salsa. You can learn the ins and outs of debating, and enjoy all kinds of performances. For more information and to sign up, visit the website.

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