Thank you Paviljoen!

“I'll take the scent of the Paviljoen in a bottle!” And, “Thank you Paviljoen”. Nostalgia and melancholy are always just around the corner whenever a farewell party is held, as it was on Friday February 15. For the very last time, a party was thrown in honor the demise of the IPO building and the Paviljoen. Cursor's video maker Fabian Lucas Luijckx was there.

photo Fabian Lucas Luijckx

Students, doctoral candidates, employees past and present, alumni of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences; they all came together on Friday in the Paviljoen to sniff the scent one last time. “I'll take the scent of the Paviljoen in a bottle!” One last time to wander the corridors, recall memories and bid farewell. And this really was it because the building is now closed and awaiting demolition. The department has already moved to Atlas.

Goodbye was also said to the IPO building, which had housed some of the department. This was done with laser gaming on the premises. At the same time, the game 'Nothing is what it seems' was played in the Paviljoen, a game akin to ‘The Mole’. After a buffet meal, the real farewell could begin; the final party in the Paviljoen canteen. For the very last time… 

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