From ‘I’ to ‘we’ in Atlas

Moving home as a family or remodeling a house can often seem like an enormous undertaking so just imagine you've got to renovate a university behemoth with 44,000 square meters of floor space and then want a couple of thousand people to move in as smoothly as possible. On Monday of last week the first TU/e employees moved into Atlas and were able to start adjusting to the new work concept in their new environment.

photo Monique van de Ven

On the tenth and eleventh floors - whose new occupants include the administrative and support services - amid the unpacking of boxes and people coming and going as they look for a desk, locker and their colleagues, there are still maintenance staff to be seen. On the third floor on this first Monday a few groups of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences are also moving in; the majority of their colleagues, like those of the Department of Industrial Design, will follow in the coming weeks.

First impressions are cautiously positive. The fresh, modern work environment is being much admired, as is the fabulous view: plenty of lovely sunsets and rises are posted on social media in the first few days.

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But as Ankie van Steen van Innovation@Work realizes all too well, like all new starts, the new way of working in Atlas will take some getting used to - not least because it involves sharing workspace with colleagues from all the services. “We are moving from ‘I’ to ‘we’. That is a big change,” she tells our video reporter Niels Dusseldorp. Watch his impression below. 

Video | Niels Dusseldorp

Moving into Atlas @ TU Eindhoven

Video | Niels Dusseldorp

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