TU/e student: Do you dare to step across the line?

Students experience ever more pressure. Academic pressure, financial pressure, social pressure. “We are known as the performance generation; we aren’t allowed to fail,” says Boris Zwaan of student fraction Groep-één. To show students that they are not alone, Groep-één will organize an ‘Over the line’ event together with student psychologists at TU/e on Tuesday, March 26.

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The participants of an ‘Over the line’ activity stand on one side of a line. If you feel a question applies to you, you move to the other side of the line. “The students here often don’t find it chill to talk about their feelings, something student psychologists noticed as well,” Zwaan says. That is why they chose this activity.

Students have to answer questions such as ‘step across the line if you often feel that everything you do needs to be perfect,’ or: ‘step across if you ever went to an activity or a party because your friends persuaded you to go, even though you didn’t feel like it and didn’t enjoy it afterwards.’ “We formulated these questions together with the student psychologists,” says Groep-één fraction member Hugo Bezombes. “The fact that the group is in motion shows students that they are not alone with their struggles and that work pressure is an important issue here at TU/e.”

Talks afterwards

The ‘Over the line’ event is an initiative of the Groep-één Students Wellbeing Team. Two earlier meetings on work pressure among students were held in October. “A look at the number of students who attended those meetings proves there is a need for this. We don’t just want to address the issue, we also want to try and do something about it,” Bezombes says. Therefore, student psychologists will also be present at the ‘Over the line’ event. They will talk about what they do and will be available for talks afterwards, should students feel the need.

The two members of Groep-één hope the event will not just attract active students. “Don’t think ‘I’m not going to take part in this emotional shit,’” says Zwaan. “When you participate, you make a statement that you care about student wellbeing. You will not be there alone, and you will see that others will step across that line together with you.”

Over the line: Student Well-Being

‘Over the line’ will be held at the Blauwe Zaal of the Auditorium on Tuesday, March 26 from 12:40 to 13:20. There is no need to sign up in advance, you can simply walk in. Doors close at 12:40.

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