DTW | ID students make you cycle into the future

Making visitors think about means of transportation – the ones from the past, those here and now and especially those of the future. That’s what the seven Industrial Design students aimed at while creating the interactive installation MobiliTU/e. During this Dutch Technology Week, they are present amid various other artistic and technical highlights on Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S.

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ID students Annebel Breij, Tomas Gecevičius and Anna Bänffer are at their installation on Thursday afternoon, where it is still very quiet - just like on the rest of the square. In addition to the creators of the various installations, there are a few interested cleaners and a handful of visitors. According to the three students, the number of visitors fluctuated a lot in the past days.

The three students who realized the project with Mingco Glastra, Heleen Smeets, Thijs Baselmans and Leo Gerritse, show step by step what the aim of their installation is, which is made up of various components. After activating a token, on which answers to questions are stored (anonymously), the visitor can ‘cycle into the future’ on the bike. While pedaling you see images of a tow boat and the DAF 600, but also pictures of the current street scene and later of a flying Evoluon dish and a hoverboard. The students didn’t pass on the opportunity to show something from the TU/e, because the car from Solar Team Eindhoven also passes ‘in the future’.

Another part of the installation is The Wheel of Transport, where visitors can show how they came here today, how they would have in the past and how they would like to do so in the future. They do this by choosing certain images of means of transportation – ranging from an electric bike to a rocket. With AMAZEing Future you move your token through a maze after answering questions on topics like the expansion of Eindhoven Airport and with Map your Journey you as a visitor can make clear where you have lived using strings.

Finally, people can draw their favorite vehicle of the future. Annebel brings out some drawings from a box behind the installation, including those of a unicorn mobile. Laughing: "Remarkably, we have several drawings of vehicles with unicorns."


The project arose at the TU/e, where a group of students came up with it. Later they further developed and made their concept at the request of the initiator Eindhoven Museum. The other installations, which are also part of the project ‘Museum door de stad’ (Museum through the city), are set up alongside the project of the TU/e students. A striking example is the bumper car track of the artists' collective from Dropstuff.nl, in which the driver can first steer himself, but the computer takes over at a certain moment.

Museum door de Stad was already on display during the Dutch Design Week and will also visit Park Hilaria later this year.

On the photo above, from left to right: Tomas, Anna en Annebel.

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