Intro 2020 | Finding a favorite spot or becoming a star player

If we were to meet this time next year, what would you want to have achieved by then? With this question at the ready, Cursor went out across the campus. Five Intro kids tells us their dreams. Some of them are already taking the first steps towards making them happen.

What do you want to have done within a year? Do you want to be living away from home, to wake up for once not knowing where you are? Or do you want to have joined a band, be scoring goals at a sports club, or to have cooked for ten of your fellow students? Modest dreams that, in addition to finding a study rhythm and passing your exams, it must be possible to make come true.

Perhaps your hopes and expectations are smaller still; ranging from keeping a plant alive to not getting your bike stolen. For Max van Bussel, prospective student of Mechanical Engineering, the bar is not set awfully high. He doesn’t need a room because it takes him nineteen minutes by train to get from his home town of Ommel to Eindhoven station. He wants to have discovered a favorite spot here. “Somewhere by the water’s edge where I can chill with some friends. With some drinks (no weed), making a little music.”

Giulia van Rossem (middle of the photo, prospective student of Applied Physics) shares the aim of finding a nice spot. Perhaps not far from Max, as she too is keen to sit somewhere outdoors, “preferably on the banks of the Dommel,” together with some friends. “It could have a bench, but even that isn’t essential.” Next year, by about Intro 2021, fellow Intro-goer Milou van den Boogaard (left on the photo) wants to have found a room. “It doesn’t have to be earlier, but in my second year I’d like to have moved away from home.” On the right in the photo we can see Jarno Peeters, the student from Limburg who is very content right now and who would like to stay very content.

Lars van Rijckevorsel doesn’t have to think for a second when we ask him what he wants to achieve this coming year. “I want to score goals at a soccer association. To be honest, I dream of becoming a star player. In Breda, where I want to carry on playing at KPJ Liesbos every weekend, I used to play soccer in the youth premier league. So here in Eindhoven, I’m looking for somewhere during the week. I’m thinking of joining Totelos.”

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