Intro 2020 | Let’s hear it for the suits

Buddies Tom van der Mark and Koen van Ginneke are greeted by a welcoming round of applause. Their kiddoes in group 21 Mechanical Engineering are putting their hands together for them in appreciation of their appearance in tuxedos. This the price Tom and Koen are paying for losing a bet.

photo Norbine Schalij

When on Tuesday the ‘kids’ realized that many Intro buddies were wearing matching suits, they wanted the same thing. “We came up with a bet; if the kids carry out 15 challenges set by study association Simon Stevin, we’ll dress up in some fun outfit,” says Koen. “But the only thing we both have hanging in our wardrobes is our tuxedo for the Eindhoven Student Corp.”

The kids aced it, says Koen. “We had failed to notice that some of the challenges were pretty easy. Like following the Facebook page. And building a fort wasn’t difficult either.” It looked more like a hut in a child’s bedroom than a castle, the way Koen describes it. “A sheet from a bed stretched to a chair, a pole next to it. It was nothing special, but it was smart.”

And to be fair, it is quite nice to have another chance to wear a tuxedo. Tom has owned his for three years now and this is the fifth time he has worn it. “Only to the annual ESC balls and my girlfriend’s ball.” That this Intro is alcohol-free is a bonus today; at least the suits don’t need to go straight to the dry cleaners.


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