The only way is up in Atlas

To stop the elevators getting crowded, as of today the six elevators in Atlas will travel only from floor 0 to floor 8. From there, people will be able to use the stairs to reach the floor they want.

photo Brigit Span

The motto at TU/e remains work from home as much as possible. Even so the campus is expected to become busier in the coming weeks. On Monday the new academic year starts and from September 1st employees can work at the university one day a week. To prevent lines forming as people wait for the elevators in Atlas and to promote social distancing, starting today the elevators here can only be used to travel from floor 0 to floor 8 - and only in this one direction. To come back down, people must take the stairs. This corona measure aside, we are all advised to take the stairs whenever possible.

The number of persons allowed in the elevator at any one time is also limited: three persons provided they are all wearing a mouth covering. If that is not the case, only one person is allowed in the elevator.

Less mobile persons

For less mobile persons, or persons who need to take a cart or something similar to a floor other than floor 8 - think of the catering carts - an elevator operator can be called at the Atlas reception. The operator will take the person to the right floor.

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