Some TU/e canteens closed due to coronavirus

Internal Affairs and caterer VITAM have decided to close a number of canteens and to restrict the opening of others due to coronavirus. The following locations will be closed from March 12 through 16: Auditorium (both restaurant and Grillzz), Vertigo, Flux, Harry Covert (Atlas). The University Club is already closed as of today. Studium Generale has canceled all its programs - with the exception of USE activities - until further notice.

Update March 13: as from Monday March 16, only the canteen in the Gemini building will be open (from 09.00 to 14.00). 

"We are already seeing a big drop in the number of visitors to the canteens; from an operational perspective it's simply not possible to keep everything open," says Bertie Fijneman, coordinator of Facility Services at TU/e service Internal Affairs. For this reason, in consultation with caterer VITAM, it has today been decided to close a number of locations, and to apply vacation opening times to the others. "We did not want to close everything because lectures are still being held and we want to meet the daily needs of the students who are still here," says Fijneman. This measure will remain in force up to and including Monday March 16th, after which the situation will be reviewed in the light of RIVM guidelines.

Alex Dekkers, general manager at VITAM, says he is pleased with the university's gesture to close some locations. "It is very quiet on campus and not very many people are using our services," he confirms.

VITAM has asked temp agency staff to stay at home; its own permanent staff will work at the locations that are staying open: Helix, Gemini, MetaForum and the Bakery Cafe in Atlas. You can find the opening hours on this page.

University Club and Zwarte Doos

The University Club restaurant has closed its doors today and will remain closed up to and including March 16th. Its rooms can still be booked as usual (including catering). The Zwarte Doos restaurant is staying open but with restricted opening hours: from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs. The evening opening hours - including the movie screenings run by Studium Generale - have been canceled. The rooms of De Zwarte Doos can still be booked (including catering).

Studium Generale

Studium Generale has canceled all its programs until further notice, with the exception of the USE programs, says director Lucas Asselbergs. "But even these are only going ahead subject to further developments. This afternoon's lecture, for example, has been canceled by the speaker, that's beyond our control." Asselbergs advises people to keep a close eye on SG's website and social media for the latest news about its programming.

"It is difficult to act in a consistent way," remarks Asselbergs. "For the time being, education is going on as usual but people are also being asked to have less and less physical contact. So our policy is to watch and wait, with the utmost caution."

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