TU/e’s Student Sports Centre closed until Monday

The Student Sports Centre of the TU/e will be closed up to and including Monday, March 16th. The decision has been made due to the stricter coronavirus guidelines for the province of North Brabant and the earlier cancellation of various sports events. "We not only want to follow the current developments, but also take our responsibility."

There definitely was ‘some discussion’ this Tuesday afternoon, during the consultation of the Student Sports Centre with the sports associations, student umbrella association ESSF and the TU/e crisis team, says spokesperson Raymond Starke. “You’d rather continue to offer sports in a responsible manner for as long as possible. But at some point you clearly feel: we can no longer control the possibilities of contamination under the current circumstances. And then we would rather close facilities before it possibly gets out of hand."

In terms of the risk of infection, a sports accommodation is simply also a riskier place than, for example, a lecture hall, Starke says. “Attending a lecture is a bit different than giving each other a high-five with sweaty hands or unexpectedly coughing a lot after you have just taken a sprint. And think of the weights that people grab, put back, and the next person grabs them."

No partial solutions

The closure applies to all indoor and outdoor sporting activities in and around the sports centre - including those in the swimming pool and also on, for example, the athletics track and golf course located on the other side of the ring road. Starke: "We do not offer a partial solution with some classes, which leaves you with many questions. We just close completely, hopefully there is no room for discussion that way." He adds: “If a cycling club nevertheless decides to go cycling together in the Veluwe this weekend, then of course we can't do much about it. But hopefully, our message is clear."

According to Starke, the sports centre has not had a significant number of questions about the corona virus and possible consequences for the sports floor and sports fields in recent days and weeks. The number of visitors has also not visibly decreased. However, the offices of the sports centre will not close. The same guidelines apply for their employees as do for other TU/e employees: “If you can work from home, do so. But as long as you have no symptoms, you can come and work here."

Crisis team

Coming Monday, the Student Sports Centre will review the current state of affairs, in coordination with, among others, the TU/e crisis team and the latest RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment, ed.) guidelines. "Based on that, we will decide whether we will stay closed or whether we can safely offer our sports program again." Starke cannot yet make any statements about upcoming (student) sports events in Eindhoven, “that is something for the coming time. No major events are planned for this weekend."

Sports card holders will receive an email today about the closure. Want to stay updated about the latest state of affairs? Then follow the corona blog on the site of the sports centre.

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