Intro 2021 | CIC: “2100 new students given a good start.”

The CIC looks back with satisfaction on the Intro they organized for 2100 new first-years. There were some lapses in maintaining the 1m50 rule, but, says the Intro Committee, the main thing is that a good first impression of the campus and city was created, and that the new students have gotten to know each other.

photo Lieke Vermeulen

“It was just great to see so many happy people ambling about the campus at the same time,” says Iris de Wit, the Intro Committee member responsible for communication with the participants, “and when I think of everything we've been able to achieve within the limits of what is possible, I can't help but feel proud.”

Within the limits of what is possible fell two party evenings with entry testing. The parties, which were organized - together with the associations - in a very short space of time, were says De Wit, great fun. Though she did notice that many of the new first-years were not used to big parties. “A lot of Intro participants really went all out, and on both evenings we had to send home a handful of people who were well tanked up. This move was agreed with the Intro buddies as the participants were still under their care. A number of taxis were called.”

On two occasions an ambulance was also called to the campus for Intro participants. De Wit: “During the first lunch we had a student whose nut allergy was giving him more trouble than usual. In consultation with security it was decided to call an ambulance. On Thursday an international student collided with the wall of the tunnel under the railway parallel to the Dommel. It's a dangerous spot for anyone, let alone someone not used to cycling. She broke her ankle and needed an ambulance.”

In general the CIC is extremely pleased with Intro Week. “After all the months of bad news, the Intro participants got to enjoy a great start to their degree studies.”

Below you'll find a brief impression in moving images.

Video | Floortje van Gameren

Introduction 2021 | Aftermovie

Video | Floortje van Gameren

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