Intro 2021 | Things to learn, things to do

On Friday afternoon the prospective first-years were let loose, now fully independent, no longer guided by their buddies. There were things to learn, things to do or simply more partying to be had. You could learn to tie a tie at Thor, cross the Dommel on a rope, play werewolves with Compass, and much more. Cursor asked Jop and Justin about their experience of Intro.

photo Lieke Vermeulen

As well as learning to skateboard (at the workshop given by Avalanche Boarders) or learning to hold meetings (organized by Demos), on Friday you could try out all kinds of sports and find the association for you.

On the way to the Student Sports Center we come across Jop IJselsteijn, future Industrial Engineering student. He has survived all-nighter Thursday and is looking for a sports association that appeals to him. “Last night I ended up at the Demos house Casa di Mama in the Kruisstraat and I have to say I'm still feeling a little ropey.” But once he gets to Scadra Veloce that doesn't stop him from getting in the saddle to slalom over the grass between water bottles. “I've had a really fun Intro. Our group the Roze Gintijgers (Pink Gin Tigers) included four internationals. We've already taught them the most important Dutch sentences: ‘How are you doing?’ (Hoe gaat het?) and ‘May I have a beer?’ (Mag ik een biertje?)”

“Hup into the river”

A little way along we meet Justin Jansen. This year he is going to see whether Applied Physics suits him. “And if not, I'll choose another program and next year I'll have another great Intro,” he says. For him, the fun started as soon as he met his fellow Sugar Bunnies. He is still wearing his bunny ears on Friday, “as a tribute to the group”. Right on day 1 they won extra points for the Crazy 89 set by AP, by jumping into the Dommel, with clothes and all.” While he is waiting for his climbing workshop to start, he is still savoring the experience.

The credit for the photojournalism below goes to Lieke Vermeulen.

And Norbine captured this dangerous stunt.

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