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Intro 2021 | Daily geocache contest during Intro

Cursor organizes a daily (except Friday) geocache contest during the Intro. A black Cursor mug is hidden somewhere on campus, and the first Intro group to find it and bring it back to the editors wins a trophy and a free drink at the Student Sports Centre to celebrate their victory. We also want to see a photo or video of your group at the place the mug was hidden.

Geocaching is an outdoor sport in which people try to find a cache (hiding place) via coordinates. When it is found, there is often a weather-safe box with a piece of paper in it on which you can put your name. Sometimes there are also small toys in there, which the players can then exchange for other toys. The level of difficulty varies a lot, so even if you know a coordinate, it doesn't mean it's immediately clear where the item is.

Follow us on Instagram (@cursortueindhoven) for the daily announcement (in the morning) of the location and maybe a hint if it turns out to be too difficult. Has your Intro group found the mug? Take a photo or video of your group at the location and send a WhatsApp or text message to +31 6 48 45 75 60. Then we will arrange a moment so that you can exchange the mug at the editorial office for a trophy and your free drinks. The editorial office is located in the Auditorium, 2.15A.

Not taking part in the Intro but you would still like to participate? Don't worry, next week we have one more geocache for everyone!

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