Cursor mugs in need for sleuths

The Cursor Intro geocache puzzle is – unfortunately – not fully solved. Not all of the hidden mugs on campus have been found yet. This week we're hiding the last mug and sharing a few more official geocaches on campus for those who have developed a taste for it.

photo Bridget Alcione Spoor

During the Intro, Cursor hid four black Cursor mugs on campus and then posted them on Instagram with a photo and coordinates as hints. Of course, the Intro kids already had a full program to choose from. Perhaps Cursor's game was not their first priority. Two of the four mugs were soon found though and photos came in as proof. However, these two mugs below are still waiting to be found:

As of today, we have hidden one last cache, in an area that was not accessible during the Intro. Update: this one has been found! (06-09-2021)


Unfortunately, finding the mug now doesn’t get you a prize anymore as the prizes had an expiration date that has now passed. But you can still search for shits and giggles and the lucky finder can keep the unique mug, a true collector’s item. We know that’s not common in normal geocaching: there you always leave the cache as you found it. If you find one of our mugs, please send the editors a photo of yourself with the mug at the location, via email or 06 48 45 75 60.

More treasures on campus

Got a taste for it or you are already a seasoned geocacher? Jannelies Smit, employee at the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry tipped us about two more geocaches on campus. To search for them, you must officially register as a geocacher, which is free by the way. Then the sleuthing on campus – and beyond – can begin. When you have found a cache, put your name in the booklet that usually comes with it and mark in the app or on the site that you found it. The caches that Smit tipped are called 'Young Scholar 2' and 'Young Scholar 3'. “There was also one at the Gaslab, but it may have disappeared due to the heavy construction work,” she says.

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