Because of unrest Executive Board TU/e cancels evening exams

The riots and unrest of the past two days in the Netherlands, and in the inner city of Eindhoven, has lead the Executive Board of the TU/e to the decision to immediately cancel all evening exams on campus. At the end of the afternoon this message was send to all students and employees of the university. At the moment, the Board aims to reschedule the cancelled evening exams on the campus to the next two Saturdays.

In an update that was send by mail this afternoon, the members of the Executive Board say that the recent events have shocked them. Based on that they have decided that the evening exams that had been scheduled on campus for the remainder of this week, up to and including Friday evening, January 29, are cancelled with immediate effect.

Susanne van Weelden, secretary of the University, says that there was and is no unrest on campus, “but we do have concerns about the safety of students and staff commuting home after evening exams. Public transportation has been shut down on a number of routes in recent days during the riots, making it difficult for those who depend on public transportation for their commute. We have therefore decided to cancel all on-campus evening exams in this examination period with immediate effect.” She stresses that proctored exams and online exams scheduled in the evening will continue.  


According to Van Weelden this decision is in line with the Eindhoven City Council's call for the public to avoid the city center in the evening. Van Weelden: “We are also responding with this decision to the questions and concerns of parents and students we have received through our webcare. We are extremely sorry to have to make this decision. Especially since we have fought hard to exempt the exams from the curfew. And in addition, it is particularly annoying for our students who have studied hard and were fully prepared for the exam. But the interests of safety and well-being take precedence. The unpredictability of the situation at this time is too great, and the possible consequences of not taking this action are difficult to foresee.”

The students and employees affected by this decision will be sent a separate email as soon as possible to inform them about the date and manner in which the examinations will still be held. Students with special needs and students who requested an opt-out for a proctored evening exam will also receive a personalized email.

At the moment, the Board aims to reschedule the cancelled evening exams on the campus to the next two Saturdays. There are several exceptions and specific situations to this planning, which will be communicated separately by email. Information about a specific exam can always be found on the Canvas page of the course. Teachers will share the latest information on that spot as soon as possible.

Campus buildings will close, as previously decided, at 7 p.m. due to the national curfew. Students who are on campus for self-study because they need special facilities, are advised to take care of their own safety and leave campus on time.

For students and staff members for who it is absolutely necessary to be on campus, the advice is to provide their own transportation for getting home. Who is unable to make it home: they can always contact the TU/e emergency number: 040 2472222.

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