SSCE re-opens: at last, satiating the hunger for sport!

Gym workouts, swimming, group lessons outdoors: as of today it is all possible again in the sports centre. Huge numbers of athletes have booked a slot and the centre's staff are itching to welcome everyone 'live', spokesperson Raymond Starke tells us, beaming from ear to ear.

photo Lobke van Mourik (SSCE)

Corona figures are dropping and so as of today the rules are being appropriately relaxed. For sporting students and employees this means the chance to get back to their gym workouts and swimming in the Student Sports Centre (SSCE). What's more, for anyone aged over twenty-seven, team sports outdoors are also an option.

“And the associations can start training indoors again,” adds Raymond Starke. “Though on two conditions: in no more than pairs and observing the 1m50 rule. For some sports, like kick boxing, this is a tall order. And so in practice, a lot of associations – think of volleyball – are going to carry on outdoors, where they can play as a team without having to observe social distancing.”

Ten-minute shower

Booking are being snapped up, says Starke: “Swimming is fully booked this week, and the last slots for the gym are now being taken. People have spent a long time ‘curbing their hunger for sports’ and are happy to get back to it.”

Not that this touch of fanaticism will do any harm during the group lessons, which will be held outdoors. Starke: “And rain is predicted later today. In principle the group lessons always go ahead, only hazardous weather conditions like thunder and lightning or a downpour will halt them. But a ‘ten-minute shower’ isn't a big deal for your average sportsperson.”


With the re-opening, the SSCE hopes to play catch-up as far as the sale of sports cards is concerned. Sales to employees have been hit particularly hard and are “down by nearly half,” says Starke. “After all, employees are working from home and a great many of them don't live in Eindhoven.”

The number of sports cards held by the student body has fallen by a quarter, and across the board the sports centre has sold 20 to 25 percent fewer cards than normal this year. Anyone wishing to buy a sports card at this late date (valid through August 31st) can get it at a discount: 45 euros for students and 65 euros for employees.


The enthusiasm of the centre's staff, by contrast, can only buoy up sales. In the lobby of the SSCE those arriving to play sport are being welcomed with balloons. Starke: “Everyone is genuinely thrilled. The instructors have been more than happy to provide online lessons, but it's a breath of fresh air being able to have face-to-face contact. The trainers can't wait to work again with individual athletes and teams on their goals and performance.”

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