Intro 2022 | 10 unique teams and associations

There’s nothing wrong with your average soccer club or social association, but Eindhoven has so much more to offer you. Feel like adding some spice to your student life – and to your CV as well? Cursor has put together a list of ten unusual associations and student teams for you to choose from: From investing to role playing and from archery to robot soccer.

Just a small disclaimer before we get started: this is not an exhaustive list, nor is it a ranking of the best associations and teams. Rather, it is intended as a freely available source of inspiration for new TU/e students. And of course, also for older students who, after some delay – thanks to the pandemic and/or room shortage – want to give their student life a kick start.

Nothing to your liking? Check out the overview of all associations and student teams on the TU/e website. There, you will also find the religious, societal, political, study and social associations, which are not featured on our list.

Finally: are you a member of the most unique student club in Eindhoven, which, to your amazement, is not listed below? Then Cursor would love to hear more about your special extracurricular activity!

1. Archery

Eindhoven offers a wide variety of student sports for all tastes: from pole fitness to gliding and from fencing to kite surfing. Let’s focus on E.S.H. Da Vinci for now. Do you have a steady hand and is Robin Hood your middle name? If so, it might be a good idea to sign up for the introductory course of this archery association. A nice little extra: staring at the bullseye from quite a few meters distance will undoubtedly offer some relief for your digital eye strain.

2. Investing

Are you the type of person who likes to combine business with pleasure? B&R Beurs Eindhoven teaches you how to effortlessly navigate the stock market. Be sure to max out your student loan, because at this investment association, you will learn how to invest it as profitably as possible. B&R Beurs’ 180 members regularly meet up for activities such as lectures, company visits, poker nights and golf clinics.

3. Exploring Antarctica

There might already be exploration vehicles on the surface of Mars, but there is still plenty of inhospitable terrain to be explored on our own planet. Take the Antarctic, for example, which may teach us a lot about climate change. Team POLAR is working on a “rover” that will be perfectly equipped to conquer the southern ice caps and collect data there; kind of like Curiosity. Not to be sent out to a planet further away in our solar system, but to one of the farthest corners of our earth itself – in so far as a sphere has corners, that is.

4. Poetry and prose

Are you a real language buff? If so, a technical study program was not the most obvious choice for you. Still, there are quite a few talented language lovers here at TU/e, as evidenced by the existence of the writing association KLINK! (still in formation). The members challenge each other with creative writing assignments and recite their literary creations. The first anthology has already been issued, but who knows, maybe you will make your debut in the next one.

5. Pole fitness

Do you enjoy your breakfast while hanging upside down from a horizontal bar? Do you dream of being a trapeze artist, flying through the air? That means SPV Blue is the perfect association for you. Gain fitness, flexibility and strength while suspended in the air on a pole (pole fitness), a piece of fabric (aerial silks) or a hoop (aerial hoop). Pretty badass, if you ask Cursor.

6. Robot soccer

Soccer – as amazing as it can be – is nothing special. Robot soccer, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. And it’s something we in Eindhoven are very good at: student team Tech United recently won both the European title and the world championship. Do you think the robots exchanged shirts with the other team after the final whistle?

7. Land your dream job

Studying is great, but maybe you’re already thinking much further ahead. About a bright career at one of the largest international tech companies perhaps – because why wouldn’t you aim high? At least, that’s how the members of Break the Algo see it. They encourage each other to pursue that unique dream internship or top job. And they help each other prepare for their job interviews. After all, false modesty or imposter syndrome will get you nowhere, but tenacity and thorough preparation will definitely help you get ahead.

8. Jamming

When you think of a music club, you probably imagine a classical orchestra. Or maybe a big band. In Eindhoven, however, there is also an association devoted to pop music. Do you play in a band (or are you looking for a new one), do you write your own songs on acoustic guitar or do you mix the hottest dance tracks? Then you should join ESMG Modern. Your housemates will be happy too, because the association has its own rehearsal room, where you can pound away at the drums.

9. AI gaming

Is gaming a sport? Some people think not; after all, it’s not very active to stare at a screen with a controller in your hands. Well, wait until they find out about AI eSports. Because here, you don’t even play the game yourself: you let the computer do it for you. But make no mistake: it’s quite challenging and exhilarating. Before the computer can start playing for you, you have to develop smart software using artificial intelligence (AI). The members of Serpentine AI can tell you all about it. And about how AI eSports advances the development of AI. Do you prefer to do the gaming yourself? No worries: we also have an ‘ordinary’ eSports association.

10. Board games and LARP

Let’s finish with the association that has the best name. Because who wouldn’t want to be a member of the Knights of the Kitchen Table? At the proverbial kitchen table, you can have the time of your life playing board games – from the well-known ones (Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride) to the rather obscure ones – and role-playing games in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons. For those who like to immerse themselves in a role completely, the Knights also organize various LARP activities. Time to bust out your elf ears!

PS The main picture above the article shows two cowboys playing chess. There’s also an association for that at TU/e, namely SCCE Noesis (cowboy hats are optional).

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