Intro 2022 | 7 special spots on campus

Yesterday, you had your first taste of the campus as a first-year student. But there is still so much more to discover on the TU/e grounds. Students and alumni take you on a tour of all the must-see places as a student in Eindhoven.

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1. Egbert

Did you know that the campus has its own pet? His name is Egbert the fish and he enjoys nibbling on your fingers at the edge of the pond. Simon likes to go and visit him.

2. 12th of Atlas

If you want a great view of the campus, you should go to the 12th floor of the Atlas building. However, there is only one elevator in the award-winning building that will take you all the way to the top. By the way, there’s also a secret foosball table near that elevator. Alternatively, you can choose to run up the stairs instead, to practice for the Eindhoven Stair Climbing Championship. Ben really enjoyed that competition too.

3. Alumni Avenue

If you manage to complete not only your bachelor’s, but also your master’s, you get to etch your name in the window of Alumni Avenue, just like Lynn. But only your name, mind you. You’re not allowed to engrave phallic symbols on it, although one of our colleagues is convinced she spotted one on the window. If you look out the window at the place where Lynn’s name is carved, you will see the Metaforum hall. It was there that the light show Ballroom took place during Glow. Lynn developed this show with her fellow students from team IGNITE.

4. Walhalla

The Walhalla, Electrical Engineering’s department pub, is the only pub on campus that is open five days a week. Another unique feature of ‘the heaven of E heights’ is the rooftop terrace, where the view is almost as beautiful as from the 12th floor of the Atlas. Note the glass Jasper is drinking his beer from; only the bartenders are allowed to drink from these glasses.

5. Vertigo

If you’re a future Built Environment student, you’ll soon have to tackle the Vertigo stairs every day. Many people think it’s an inconvenience, because the steps are too wide to comfortably walk on. However, the stairs are very suitable as a place to hang out with your friends. Even cows think it is a nice place to hang out and relax. Architect Bert Staal also appreciates the stairs; he recently exhibited his iconic ‘Koestoel’ (cow chair) on a replica of the Vertigo stairs.

6. Silly Walks

If you’re cycling from the city center towards campus, you’ll probably pass through the ‘Silly Walks’ tunnel. Here you can practice your silly walks, or let yourself be entranced by Tim’s guerilla light artwork, which he created entirely on his own.

7. Construction

Finally, right next to the Dommel river, you will find All Terrain’s ‘climbing frame’. Although they themselves prefer to call it a ‘construction’, and, to be fair, it is indeed a rather gigantic structure. The association also likes to cross the river dangling on ropes. Laurence prefers to take a dip, just like beaver Woody, whom you can sometimes see swimming by as you walk across campus early in the morning.

Students and alumni take you on a tour of all the must-see places on campus.

Intro 2022 | 7 special spots on campus

Students and alumni take you on a tour of all the must-see places on campus.

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