Tijd voor waterpret. Foto | Tom Jeltes

Intro 2022 | Business as usual?

Traditionally, there has been quite some variation in how the student associations interpret the term ‘business case’. That once again became evident this Monday afternoon, when it was time for this particular item on the Intro program. While the prospective Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics & Computer Science students were enjoying themselves playing outdoor games, the future business administration students were busy managing imaginary companies. However, most associations attempted to combine business with pleasure (again).

For example, Thor (Electrical Engineering) combined the creation of a wireless network with a lot of fun on the inflatable water track and the future physicists relaxed in the sun with their catapults which they made (or borrowed) themselves. The mechanical engineers of W.S.V. Simon Stevin built a similar weapon, which they will test on Tuesday morning. On the KOE field, the campus fire department had been called out to spray the future engineers with the firehose at full blast. Some groups were so desperate to cool off that they simply stopped using their cardboard shields for protection. A brave thing to do, because that jet really hits hard.

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