Intro 2022 | Students let loose at sick party

“Full power into the Intro”, is how students felt Monday night as they made their way to the Opening Party on the Flux field. For the first hour, you could still hear each other just fine. “How about ‘a CICk party’ as a headline for your report?”, comments a helpful Intro attendee.

Stohrzender, a trio consisting of two DJs and a saxophonist, ensures a laidback start to the party. Still, the members of student hockey association Don Quishoot immediately go wild; the ‘Stohrzenders’ are their club mates.

But then Kruzo takes over the mic, and that’s the end of the chitchat for now. Throwing your hands in the air, jumping and shouting “Eindhovuhh” are now higher on the agenda. The party is on! La Fuente tops it all off and our photographer Lieke Vermeulen was there to capture the moment. Below, you’ll find a selection of her images.

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