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Intro 2022 | Exploring the city of Eindhoven by bike

Less stimuli, more kilometers and noticeably more tired-looking students. In a nutshell, that’s the comparison that can be made between today’s City Tour and yesterday’s Campus Market. On their bikes, the intro groups explore every corner of the city where they will be studying for the next few years. Cursor checks in with three of the social associations.

photo Rien Boonstoppel

After waving off Group 1, the Biomedical Engineering students, as they leave Dynamo and head for the Thêta boathouse in a column, we meet up with the Beerpong Gods from Electrical Engineering. They tell us that not every group will follow the same program today. Intro dad Jasper Beerentemfel thinks it’s a shame that the rowing club is not part of their route, so he’s going to do something about that. “I think Thêta is more important than yet another one of the thousand pubs they also saw yesterday. So we’re skipping City Cafe Spijker.”

In time slots of fifteen minutes, sometimes several of them in a row, the Intro attendees visit not just their own favorite pub on Stratumseind, but many more interesting sites, such as Strijp-S, the Philips Museum, The Iron Man lake and the Van Abbemuseum. However, the Battiboys of Mechanical Engineering intend to “cycle past the Van Abbe very fast”, as there are far more relevant places to visit.

For the social student associations Demos, E.S.C and SSRE, the tours last half an hour. Our photographer Rien Boonstoppel managed to capture in pictures what we didn’t write about here. On our Instagram page, you can find out what the intro attendees were told and if it persuaded them to become members.

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