Rowing a hundred kilometers for charity

- UPDATE: THE REGATTA IS POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 8TH DUE TO STRONG WIND - Eight members from Tau rhetoric society will be rowing one hundred kilometers this Wednesday to raise money for the Heart Foundation. Small detail: they hardly have any experience. In fact, they’ve only been rowing since January. Over the past few months, the men trained hard in order to compete in the Ringvaart Regatta in Delft. They harbor no illusions whatsoever: “We’ll use our technique during the first twenty kilometers, the remaining eighty kilometers will be a matter of character.”

photo Otto van de Ven

It’s literally a rowing marathon, the Ringvaart Regatta. The 100-kilometer rowing event is exhausting even according to experienced rowers, let alone to the men of rhetoric society Tau, most of whom had never rowed before. They trained at least twice a week at rowing association E.S.R. Thêta over the past few months to get prepared. Finding coaches wasn’t a problem, society member Noud Boonen says: “They felt like having a good laugh.”

They themselves won’t be laughing about anything after a few kilometers next Wednesday, Boonen expects. “Fortunately, a van with supporters will be driving along with us. They will play hits for us and tell jokes, let’s hope that we can get through it that way.” Because they will reach the finish line no matter what. Quitting is not an option, says Thêta’s coxswain, who will be helping the rowers navigate the Ringvaart. Nor can the men disappoint their donors.

Because they won’t just be rowing, they do it to raise money for charity. “We like to contribute something to society. This time, we will try to raise money for the Heart Foundation. We chose that charity because everyone will eventually have to deal with cardiovascular diseases, directly or indirectly, at some point,” Boonen explains. The society members hope to raise five thousand euros by “selling” kilometers.

Cursor visited the men during a training session last week. And even though they appeared to be in high spirits, remarks such as “it will be unpleasant in any event” and “it will be tough,” suggested that it won’t be an easy journey. Those who wish to provide them with some extra motivation by buying a kilometer, can do so here.

Cursor visited rowing club E.S.R. Thêta last week, where the dispuuts members were training for the Ringvaart Regatta.

Training for the 100 km

Cursor visited rowing club E.S.R. Thêta last week, where the dispuuts members were training for the Ringvaart Regatta.

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