Submit your name suggestions for the new buildings

The two residential towers and the low-rise buildings in between them that Woonbedrijf is currently having constructed on the site where the Paviljoen once stood, need names. To this end, the housing corporation is organizing a naming contest and TU/e students and staff are invited to use their creative abilities to come up with suitable names.

image Vestide

In the summer of 2024, the 735 new student residences on the TU/e campus will be completed. The two new residential towers and the low-rise residences that will be built in between them need fitting names. And wouldn’t it be nice if one of those buildings was given a name you came up with?

Luc Nabben, communications advisor at Woonbedrijf, explains the requirements for the names. For example, they must fit in with the existing series of names used for the buildings on campus (such as Aurora, Luna, Atlas, Vertigo, MetaForum and Flux). They must also match the appearance and/or features of the building. Moreover, they must be easy to pronounce in both Dutch and English. Abbreviations or personal names, or names that are offensive, are not permitted. Nabben: “Originality and creativity are, of course, paramount in coming up with good names.”

If you are still looking for inspiration, Nabben recommends watching the video that gives an impression of what the towers and low-rise buildings will look like.

Name suggestions - a total of three names may be proposed - can be sent to Vestide (part of Woonbedrijf) by email by no later than April 28. A longlist will then be compiled from all the names submitted, which the TU/e name committee will discuss with Woonbedrijf and students from community LOT. From that, a shortlist will be drawn up and eventually the new names will be selected. There will be a prize for the winner.

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