Intro 2023 | The best outfits

Cursor went on a mission to hunt down the hottest Intro outfits. And though there were a great many, the moment we really started looking, we couldn’t seem to find any of those absolute gems we had spotted earlier. However, we still managed to snap a few good shots on Tuesday: from Barbie fans to camel herders, we’re loving it!

photo Leoni Andriessen

At the Hubble terrace, we find two camel herders sitting at a picnic table. The camels seem to have escaped for now, but soon join their herders for a photo. They think it’s really “special and great” to be a camel. They particularly enjoy “the camelness of it and the fur.” The parents explain the idea behind the costumes: “The shepherd theme came to us quite early on because we thought about how we needed to keep the kids together. We also had a shepherd’s crook at first but we lost it earlier. People are constantly asking “where are your camels?!” when they see us on the street.

Next, we come across seven prima ballerinas who have always wanted to be featured in Cursor. So of course, we simply had to include them. The Intro mom and dad tell us that the skirts are something of a tribute to their own Intro parents years ago who had bought them elegant dresses. The family’s Intro kids find it rather amusing. “Many people laugh but we also get compliments. The latter mostly from men.” Well guys, you’re in Cursor: check!

Ship ahoy: these captains (two on one ship, won’t that be a problem?) and sailors are easy to spot even in the dark thanks to the string lights on their caps. They’re from Electrical Engineering “so that means lights” says one of the dads. Unfortunately, the kids’ caps don’t light up yet, but they promise to fix that tonight. The whole thing works with a kind of hub that you connect via Wi-Fi to an access point you make with your phone. Both tech-savvy and sea-worthy!

We also ran into Ken and Barbie near Gemini. Or was it Barbie and Barbie? Both kids had a Barbie tied around their waist at any rate, and one of them also had a Barbie ring on her finger. Apparently, the Intro mom was a Barbie fan and had decided on this theme. Ken: “We also had to declare our love to someone high up on the board. I did so by giving away my ring,” he says while showing his bare hand.


We stumbled upon these brave swordsmen in front of Atlas. The men’s group affiliated with Simon Stevin had a clear idea behind the costume and swords: the Intro is like going into battle. It’s hard work. They don’t seem to be alone in that thought, for that matter: swords are popular this year.

All we can say is: keep up the good work, come up with a crazy outfit, and who knows, maybe we'll put you in the picture. Tagging and submitting are possible at @cursortueindhoven on Instagram.

Photos | Leoni Andriessen

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