Luna Festival throws eras and artistic genres in the mix

The poster – including a ballet-dancing robot and a sushi-eating knight – says it all: the fifth edition of the Luna Festival, on Saturday April 1st, promises to be a cultural and historical melting pot. A mix that pays no heed to chronology or other conventions. “Years of Culture is the lustrum theme, and the cultural associations have drawn inspiration from the theme in all kinds of unexpected ways,” reveal organizers Joost Brandes and Joris Vissers.

photo Guusjoos / Lunafestival

The cultural associations, which come together under the umbrella of Scala, have been based in Luna since 2017. And not long after that the first Luna Festival was held in, where else, the Luna building. Once a year, the cultural associations put on this public event to showcase their skills and talents.

The fifth Luna Festival is already coming around: on Saturday April 1st at 15.00 hrs Luna will open its doors, and keep them open until deep into the night. Entrance is free. The occasion of the first lustrum has inspired the theme of Years of Culture. So what's in store for visitors? We can at least reveal the common thread linking the acts: crossovers, surprising combinations and clashes between genres.

Going big

Journey is the name of the headliner. Nearly all the associations will be taking part in it; it's a big production,” says Joris Vissers (21), getting the ball rolling. “Doppio will be acting, Footloose will be dancing, the music associations will be performing music, Klink helped write the script, and Glyph has designed the sets,” is the summing-up offered by Vissers, head of the festival's team of organizers. The bachelor's student of Psychology & Technology is himself a member of Doppio and Footloose, where he acts and dances hip-hop and ballroom.

“Another amazing collaboration is the one between dance association Footloose and the music associations Quadrivium, Studentproof and Modern”, adds Joost Brandes (22), who is himself a saxophonist in jazz association Studentproof. The bachelor's student of Electrical Engineering is responsible for the Luna Festival's PR. “It's a musical journey through time, complete with the appropriate styles of dance and costume.”

Japanese jazz

But the stage isn't the only place you'll find something to entertain you. You'll find a fully furnished coffee house, for example, the work of chess association Noesis and debating association Chronos. This was “traditionally where people came together to play chess and discuss business,” as Brandes knows. And together with the members of associations-to-be Klink (creative writing) and Glyph (visual arts), the photographers of Dekate Mousa are putting on an exhibition of their work.

And there'll be more, much more, like a Brazilian percussion workshop thanks to Studium Generale (sign up in advance). The Japanese association Kinjin is providing origami, karaoke and – together with Studentproof – Japanese jazz. And the LA role-players of the Knights of the Kitchen Table will be giving a (harmless) sword-fighting workshop. Food and drink will be available in Hubble, transformed for the occasion into a pirates' den. And the festival will end with an afterparty, with a DJ from music association Modern at the turntables.

The organizers of the Luna Festival are still looking for volunteers keen to help with preparations, or lend a hand on April 1st, working behind the scenes and/or behind the bar. Interested?

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