Luna Festival promises chessboxing and fairy tales

“Once upon a Luna Festival’ is the theme of this year’s Luna Festival, which will take place this Saturday on campus in and around the eponymous building. The sixth edition of this recurring cultural festival will revolve around the world of fairy tales and storytelling. As such, the program consists of a diverse array of performances and workshops with a touch of magic.

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“This year, we wanted to create something that really sticks with people,” says Joey Hartendorf, the commissioner of the Luna Festival. In order to keep visitors entertained all afternoon, this year's festival will be much more interactive than previous editions, with various workshops and performances that revolve around the wonderful world of fantasy, fairy tales and storytelling. “The deco team has put in a lot of hard work: there will be a fairy tale castle and the rooms in the Luna Building will be decorated according to different fairy tale themes, such as Alice in Wonderland, but also Hansel and Gretel,” he explains excitedly. “A bit like the Fairytale Forest at De Efteling,” he adds with a laugh.

Like every year, the entire program is free and open to everyone - people from both inside and outside the university, young and old. “So by all means, bring your kids, partner or friends,” he emphasizes. Visitors do not need to sign up for the workshops in advance this year; they can simply walk in and join on the spot. “In previous editions, we worked with more closed workshops scheduled at fixed times. This year, people can just drop in and out as they please, so they can see or experience something new each time and hopefully stay the whole afternoon.”

Unexpected collaborations

More than ever, this year’s festival is all about special, unexpected collaborations. For example, a gospel choir from classical music association Quadrivium is set to perform in the Corona Room under the direction of modern music association ESMG Modern. Another example is the chessboxing workshop – a combination of chess and boxing – organized in collaboration with kickboxing association Impact and chess association Noesis. “An actual boxing ring will be set up on the Luna Field and boxing will be alternated with chess. So the participants will battle each other both mentally and physically and will need tactical skills in both areas.”

In addition, Japanese cultural association Kinjin will host an origami workshop together with Noesis in which participants can fold their own chess pieces to play with. In another workshop, organized by cultural association Knights of the Kitchen Table and photography association Dekate Mousa, you can first craft your own props and then have your picture taken with them in a photobooth. Hartendorf is very excited about all these different collaborations. “I think it’ll be really fun to see how all these different worlds come together.”

But the organizers still have plenty more in store for visitors. In addition to chessboxing, origami folding and prop crafting, you can try your hand at many other activities this Saturday, such as making your own perfume, playing boomwhackers, telling a story through shadow play or shaking cocktails. The program will be wrapped up with performances by alt-rock band Staplers, student jazz group Big Band and an after party that will continue into the late hours.

A magical day

In addition to the rich cultural program, the organizers also paid extra attention to the sustainability aspect of the festival. So this year – as opposed to the previous edition – there will be no disposable cups, but reusable ones from the Green Office and a coin system so that the cups are returned after use. “We will also not be handing out flyers anymore; we conduct our campaign largely digitally. Moreover, the food trucks work with biodegradable materials and all food will be vegetarian,” he lists.

As usual, preparations have been made for bad weather, so a number of activities will take place indoors, but as of yet, the weather forecast is extremely favorable; at the time of writing, the forecast is full sun and a temperature of about 24 degrees. “So be sure to visit the Luna Festival, because it’s going to be a truly magical day!” Hartendorf concludes.

The Luna Festival will take place on Saturday, April 6, starting at 2 p.m. on the TU/e campus. For more information on the festival, visit

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