Students and scientists support Groningen whistle-blower

The dismissal of the Groningen University (RUG) associate professor Susanne Täuber continues to cause a lot of commotion. Sympathisers have taken up her cause and want the university to reinstate her.

photo Pixabay

Two weeks ago, the subdistrict court ruled that Groningen University was entitled to dismiss Susanne Täuber as of 1 May because the working relationship with her faculty had become "seriously disrupted". One reason for this was her publication of a scientific article in which she criticised RUG's diversity policy. She felt that a special programme for female academics was having a counterproductive effect, based in part on her own experience. She is currently suspended. In an interview with NRC, Täuber describes the events as “traumatising”.


Sympathisers protested online against the whistle-blower's dismissal using the hashtag #AmINext. They collected over 21,000 euros to cover her legal costs. More than 3,700 supporters also signed a petition demanding that the university reinstate her. And employees of the Centre for Gender Studies, part of the Faculty of the Arts, stated that there was a suitable vacancy for her there, which the university denied.

It didn't end there. On Wednesday, 50 students occupied the Groningen Academy Building, reports the Groningen news platform UKrant. They were protesting against the university's social safety policy and Täuber's dismissal. They demanded that the RUG take seriously all the cases of intimidation and discrimination detailed in a report whose authors include Täuber.

The occupation ended in the evening. On Thursday, the university's executive board and the students issued a joint statement. In three weeks' time they will sit down together again in order to evaluate progress on what has been agreed.

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