Lars Beke.

Internationalize TU/e


We are systematically introducing English as the official language. We intend to attract more scientists from abroad and want to make sure that more foreign students enroll in both our bachelor and master programs. In addition, we are enlarging the supporting facilities for our exchange students.

Internationalization forms one of the most important aspects of the strategy of TU/e for the coming years and will be one of the most important pillars on which we will build. The importance of this transition cannot be denied. The globalization of the knowledge economy and the coinciding exchange of knowledge will be the new standard. Attracting international top talent will be of essential importance for this to succeed.

In Eindhoven we have made the first steps with English lectures in the Bachelor College, although there is still room for improvement. Among other things, the expansion of the amount of scholarships for foreign students, such as the Amandus Lundqvist Scholarship Programs, is also scheduled.

Such transition, however, cannot only be accomplished on an administrative level. For this a complete U-turn is needed in both the culture of TU/e as well as the mindset of both students and employees. During the elections for the university council in December, where Chinese student Feng Fang got in the top-4 of Groep-één with 173 votes, it became obvious that the time for change has come. It was a sign that foreign students want to speak out, and -possibly more important - that they also want to be involved in the policy formulation of the university. Such a transition can only become a success when time and effort is put into it from both sides.

In all layers of our university, people will be required to think along and make genuine contributions to this change. This includes us, the university council. Perhaps it is a good new year’s resolution to make English the official language within the University Council.

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