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At this university there are students who are not taking any classes, but they are still forced to pay the full sum of their tuition fee. How is that? When you take a look at what they are doing instead of following courses, their reasons become clear. They form one of the most important cornerstones of the TU/e, they are the student board members and part of student teams.

These unsung heroes work an incredible amount of hours for a whole year long. Every day, the boards of student associations support their members and departments, providing the books need to study, organizing course related and/or leisure activities. Or they organize incredible drinks and parties, giving student the time of their lives. Or they support colleague students to be able to deliver unbelievable sport performances.
Let us not forget the student-teams. In their rooms in Multimedia Paviljoen and Momentum they bring forth creations that the world has never seen before. Their technological impact on society is undeniable, as is their part on the TU/e publicity. Who can hear the words STORM, Solar Team or BlueJay and not immediately link them to the TU/e and their brilliant students?
They provide a semi-professional environment where their members can develop themselves on a professional and a social level. The dedication that these students show is an inspiration to all, but inspiration does not pay the bills.
At this university it is a requirement to be subscribed as a fulltime student if you want to take one of these positions. Our university still forces these students to pay a €2000+ tuition fee, even if they have already passed their bachelor and take a gap year. The Dutch government makes it possible for the university to relinquish the tuition fee for certain students fulfilling these full-time positions. Groep-één invites the Executive Board to grasp this opportunity.
In our dream every student who is a part-time or full-time board member or participant in a student-team, only has to pay tuition fees for the courses they are following during this academic year. This implies that the university will entitle these students to discharge of the tuition fees, on top of the profiling fund they receive. This to compensate the required investment the student has to make for his or her own development, and to dedicate themselves to the university. The Basic-grant (basisbeurs) will not return, the lending system remains, which makes it more important than ever for a university to grant students financial support, when they dedicate themselves to the university.
However, most times dreams are just an illusion. Therefore, we want to strivefor a waived tuition fee for students with a full-time position, whohave already earned their bachelor’s degree. Let us start being fair to these students, by not forcing them to pay for courses they do not follow.
Rewardthose who dream, dare and do.

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