During the Dutch Design Week (DDW), starting on the 16th of October, Eindhoven shares what they love most: design and innovation. As a former Industrial Design student and a lover of events, I really enjoy visiting the DDW. However, over the years I have learned it requires some preparation, especially since most of us spent our time studying for the exam weeks during that period. So with this contribution let me safe you some prep-time.

First of all, the DDW is huge, and I will not take the entire week off, and spend every waking hour visiting exhibitions. To be honest, even if you would, I would be impressed if you are able to visit everything. Because I don’t have too much time I made a list of the exhibitions and projects I would like to visit.

So, to kick off, I looked what food related exhibitions there are at the DDW this year, and the food-lover in me was excited to see that there are many different places to go.

The Embassy of Food will present at the Klokgebouw in Hall 3. They will show you the supermarket of the future, and I couldn’t be more curious. But if you are more interested in food of the past, an exhibition at the Student Hotel is showing the foods that are threatened with extinction.

If food is not your thing, I will also go and visit Design United and the Drivers of Change. Design United is at the Klokgebouw, here the design students from the Dutch universities of technology present their best projects. I always love seeing these, it inspires me to know what other students create, and I love seeing how the design discipline is changing and evolving over time. The Drivers of Change exhibition is an all TU/e exhibition. Plus, in honor of the 65 anniversary it will be hosted on campus, as well as the opening of the DDW.

During the opening party, Bierport will present their automatic beer tap to all the visitors of the opening. Maybe you fancy a beer to accompany the food expos? Bierport started with a group of students and a good idea, they built a prototype in innovation Space, and researched customer satisfaction at soccer games and other events. They have finished their prototype and will present this at the opening party, and during the entire week. So cheers!

Furthermore, throughout the week student teams and research projects will be presented on campus. There will be many different projects, I hope to see the Stella Vita (because, well, obvious reasons), and I am excited to see some of the research projects to discover what is happening at TU/e. But I am looking most forward to see the Aristotle project. Aristotle is a team that started in Q3 last semester, and are already in collaboration with PSV. They have created a cognitive training tool during their innovation Space project. Apparently we can play some soccer and test their project, after such a short period!

I hope this will help you if you have little time, but do want to experience some of the DDW. If you do, I just have one more tip, dress comfortably and warm, it is the middle of October after all.

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