On and off


Last Wednesday I was back on campus, in innovation Space. Together with Mark Wijnands I talked to potential new Syfly members. I really enjoy being on campus. Seeing people, short conversations with Huub and Edwin, and getting inspired by everything that happens in innovation Space. However, something has changed significantly since March last year.

Before corona you could almost always find me on campus and in innovation Space. I studied, worked, and had my social life here. I regularly spent the entire day, from early in the morning until late in the evening, on campus. Working in innovation Space, studying in Atlas, dinner at Hubble, dancing at Luna, and then back to innovation Space to spend time with fellow students or Syfly members. I obviously wasn’t always working, but I was in ‘doing mode’ practically all the time.

Now that I spend much more time at home, this has changed. I take more time for long dinners with friends and family, and during the weekends I go outside as much as possible. But I also take more time for myself, to read a book, or to cook a nice dinner. This makes me feel much better, and it gives me the energy and inspiration I need to do my work better.

I notice the same with people around me. Since everyone is forced to spend a lot of time behind their laptops, many people actively take time to be offline. Do not understand me wrong, I still work nights sometimes, but I take more time off to relax. This is so extremely important. And being outside is essential for your mental health.

My advice to everyone would be to take some rest, to go outside, and to plan weekends off, especially now that we’re entering a period of deadlines and final exams. Cook an elaborate meal if you like, or go on a picnic with friends. I will certainly do this, and I hope you will as well.

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