CLMN | Adulting 101


I woke up really early that day. Well, earlier than I usually do. I don’t really remember my dream from the previous night, but I vaguely recall it to be about work. That week in particular had been a busy one. With the deadline nearing every single one of us felt this pressure that only grew with every day that passed. The race against time!

Since it was the weekend, I tried not to think about work. I had a long day ahead of me and I wanted to relax and sulk in the comfort of my pillow, but as a grown up that’s something you can only think of doing. Your day is mostly a contrast to that. I had to pick up the groceries and then do some cleaning around the house. You see, when you live in a shared accommodation, once in a while you have to do the chores. I am not a fan of them, but I must do my part.

I was still in bed when I created a blue-print of what my day would look like. That’s when my phone chimed. It was my mom. It was a daily routine, wake up, text mom and then go freshen up. She’s around 7.000 kilometers away and still manages to know exactly what time I wake up.

I guess, for someone I’m never going to be a grown up!

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