One day to rehearse and perform the 'Requiem in C minor' by Cherubini with choir and orchestra... Eindhoven student music association Quadrivium likes a ... Lees hier het artikel

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Going by the name of 'Winter Special XL', the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven, Hubble Community Café and the Luna building at the Eindhoven University of ... Lees hier het artikel

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Tennis is was for Kevin and Cristina in this week's sports video. Move over Nadal, Kevin is entering the field. Game, set and match! Video | Kevin Tatar and ...

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As the calendar year draws to a close, the tradition of looking back and looking head is slowly getting underway. The Eindhoven University of Technology ... Lees hier het artikel

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Remember Sacha, starring in our 2018 TU/e Christmas Market video report, confessing he would really fancy a girlfriend before the end of this year?

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Four inexperienced wannabe TU/e conductors lead student symphony orchestra Ensuite during Maestro TU/e 2019. Only one could win... Video: Kevin Tatar. Lees hier het artikel

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Kevin and Cristina tried powerlifting with the strong guys at E.S.K.V. Odin. And that turned out to be quite... heavy ;-) Want to try it yourself? Take a look at Odin's ...

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Third edition of Robowars at Eindhoven University of Technology, organized by study associations Simon Stevin and Lucid. Video by Adrian Arya Pranawa for ... Lees hier het artikel

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This was the hardest sport Kevin Tatar had to do in the sports centre video's until now: kickboxing! Kevin and Cristina joined a training session at Impact, the ...

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Let's get physical! It is Vitality Week at our university and our video reporter Kevin Tatar decided that was a good moment to listen to his body. This week is ...

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'Black Box' soup workshop at Eindhoven University of Technology. This activity was part of the TU/e Vitality Week. Video by Niels Dusseldorp for Cursor. Lees hier het artikel

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