CLMN | Take a deep breath and let go…


Breathing is man’s most valuable treasure. But we often tend to overlook its existence and power, and underestimate its potential.

Last month there was a workshop in Eindhoven that demonstrated breathing is a key ingredient to control your mind. Every emotion is associated with a specific breathing pattern and you can control these emotions through specific breathing exercises. Breathing exercises help to increase memory and concentration, how to manage time, and level stress during your studies and exams. These are relevant issues that every student faces, and I can highly recommend it to TU/e students. But it was far more than just breathing exercises. The workshop included games and activities, which all put forward useful messages about certain aspects of life in an interesting and enjoyable way.

For me, it was a chance to look within myself. I took the time to better understand who I am, and what my strengths and skills are. Realizing what I could do gave me an immense boost of confidence and self-esteem. The platform also welcomed participants to vent their anxieties, desires, and expectations. Everyone focused on themselves and nobody judged others. The calm, peace, and a blissful state of mind that came over me after the workshop was wonderful.

I felt it’s not only students who would benefit from a workshop like this – it’s everyone. It contributes to personal growth and enlightenment. The organization can be found all over the world already, and anyone who wants to experience eternal knowledge and learn useful techniques is more than welcome to join the workshop and eventually become part of a bigger family. I’ve come to realize that, at the end of the day, life is all about feeling happy and stress-free, and being grateful for what I have. Smile!

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