A word a day


I have recently become mildly obsessed with Wordle. The game was originally made by a Welsh engineer, Josh Wardle, for his partner who adores word games, and was further shared with family and friends. Seeing how enthusiastic those close to him were about the game, Wardle opened the game to the public. This snowballed into the internet sensation played by hundreds of thousands daily.

The premise of Wordle is simple, everyday there is a new five-letter word, and you have six attempts to guess the word. After the first guess, the letters would turn either green, yellow, or gray. Green signifies that the letter is correct and in the right position. Yellow signifies that while the letter is present in the word, it is not in the correct spot. Gray signifies that the letter is not in the word at all.

Besides that, there are no other hints as to what the word could be. Therefore users must also strategize to get the word within the allotted six attempts. Personally, I change strategies on a daily basis depending on what I feel like doing.

Another notable feature of the game is that everyone around the world has the same word for that particular day. So it incites a sense of competitiveness. Consequently, I utilize strategies that ensure that I get the word as quickly as possible.

Most people go with a strategy that gives them as many vowels as possible, such as starting with the word ‘adieu’ and working up from there. Others start with the words ‘media’ followed by ‘spout’ to clear all the vowels and some commonly used consonants. Personally, I guess a word that has some significance to the day that had passed, i.e. today I would start with the word ‘write’.

With this strategy, I’ve gotten the wordle in a single guess once, in two guesses six times, in three guesses fifteen times, in four guesses twenty-nine times, in five guesses seventeen times, in six guesses six times, and only failed to get the wordle three times.

As someone who is very prone to becoming addicted to games, I really enjoy the concept of having one word per day. Since there is only one word per day, the users also pay more attention to the words and expand their vocabulary. If we were allowed to keep going on a levels basis, I wouldn’t pay much mind to each word, but now I’m steadily expanding my vocabulary. Since I would search up any word I don’t know and exclaim “no way this is a word” before being proven wrong every time.

Wordle has become such a large part of my daily life that it would be the first thing I do every day, and the first text message I would send is “Wordle in _” to my friends who also play wordle. Wordle has a positive and negative effect on me on a daily basis, my mood for the day gets dictated by how quickly I solve the wordle and it also gives me something to look forward to everyday.

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