Happy Times


Recently, I’ve started doing more things which align with my interests and make me feel happier. To do this, I’ve started looking at each aspect of my being and appealing to it, namely, my creative side, my athletic side, and my passionate side.

With respect to my creative side, I’ve always tried to appeal to it by writing for Cursor and T-Licht (the magazine of study association Japie). However, it feels less organic to write when you know you have a deadline and people will be reading. Therefore, I began writing poetry again. In this instance, I know that no one else will be reading it and I can write whenever I want, so the emotions expressed in these passages are raw. I’ve only started a few days ago and I’ve already written about six poems at an average of five stanzas each.

With respect to my athletic side, I’ve gotten a membership at the student sports center. A friend of mine enticed me into joining badminton, a sport I’ve played maybe once in my life. Now, I play every week and I think I’m getting a little better every time. Soon enough I’ll actually get a win! I’ve also joined the gym to become a fitter version of myself, and hopefully a physique I’m happy with. While I’m not as consistently going to the gym as I am with badminton, I hope to change that in the near future.

I love a lot of things, anime, football, and puns to name a few. This fall, in the anime world, is arguably the best one in many years. Some of the most popular animes are coming back with new seasons right now, and other incredibly popular mangas are finally getting an anime adaptation. I have a schedule in which I have to watch an episode daily because of the sheer quantity and quality of the current releases. Bleach (my second favorite anime) came back after about ten and a half years and that is definitely the highlight for me!

On the other hand, I recently got my PSV fan card and started purchasing tickets for football matches, essentially fueling my passion for football. I’ve gone to about three matches so far this season. Next week, I’ll be attending the PSV vs Arsenal match!

To be honest, I didn’t even realize that these little things were what made me a bit happier lately, until I met this person a few days ago. She was telling me about the work she does with a non-government organization, and I remembered the time when I was a part of the LEO’s board and doing a lot of things that gave me a feeling of fulfillment. Watching her do things she was so passionate about made me think: “What am I doing?” So I reflected on all that I’ve been doing, and now I want to do more to give back to the community as well.

Interesting thing is, I’m not even sure if I’ll ever meet this person again, but I found inspiration there. I guess you never really know when and where you’ll feel inspired.

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