Dress Up


Grades are important - but how important are they really?

I am someone who gets enthusiastic about a lot of things. This has led me to joining various extra-curricular activities. I enjoy adding a little spice here and there to tinker my study programme and spending time on hobbies I want to develop. Being someone like this, I often find it hard to understand students who are only focussed on their studies. Often, they feel like they do not have spare time to do anything else since studying takes up too much time.

Yes, a study at the technical university is not easy and takes up a lot of time. And I struggle too. However, for me an ideal student is someone who doesn’t necessarily score the top of top grades, but does well in understanding the core of the topics he studies and additionally also works on discovering who he is in terms of skills, hobbies, talents and what he can offer to his field of expertise via these.

Now, I am not saying each one of us should go out and learn a new instrument tomorrow, since the skills you master may be totally different from what I carry. The crucial point is for you to understand what it is that would make you stand out from your colleagues who carry the same basic knowledge you do. What is the little tweak you would like to make to your routine that makes you different?

I could go on and on talking about this, but since I am a lover of poetry, I have tried to put my thoughts into the following poem. I would add my interpretation of the poem, but I would rather leave that up to you. I am curious to know how you understand the poem and would love to hear from you!

Dress up

For naked she was before this day
No ray, no joy, no streak, no sway
And little change she was from others astray
What if I were to change? What are they going to say?

Why not try - try to clothe this body of mine?
So she went in search of wears…

Gems, pearls, glitters and shine
Sit well on her today she finds
Claps, cheers, harps and praise
A mellow grin rests on her face 

But beware oh child!
Hefty stones and bulky rocks may hit,
Furious winds and thundering storms may visit,
Heavy and fearsome they may be,
But strong and mighty you shall be.

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