It’s okay!


How many banana breads did you bake this year? Did you not start going on evening runs exploring your hood? What hidden talent of yours did you discover? Which new hobby did you pick up? Did you learn a new language? How many Chloe Ting workout challenges did you finish?

The pandemic has certainly made some people aware of the hidden gems they have and allowed many to foster and care for their hobbies but what about others? Personally, I feel this low-key pressure to be doing extraordinary things and using this time to discover myself. Let’s be honest though, as much as I appreciate those who can do that, I admit that I struggle and am certain that many of you do too. But you know what - IT’S OKAY!

In the past few days I have felt like my life has been out of order and that it feels like summer never ended but at the same time summer never started. Do you get me? I am doing sports, I am studying, I am socializing but I just can’t get back to the rhythm of university life. Something just doesn’t seem right.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we are mostly meant to be working from home now and the struggles with that are still ongoing. I remember being at university the other day for a group meeting and at the end just saying, “Oh I really don’t want to leave university just yet.” Who would have expected this? At the same time with all the rules and regulations, being at university almost feels illegal. Now how can I possibly get back to my usual routine if this is the case?

I am going a little off-topic here but my point is that regardless of all the lies that social media tells you about rising productivity, it’s okay to feel like you don’t want to get out of bed and face another day. It’s okay that one day you wake up fully energetic and the next day you can barely make yourself breakfast. Some days taking a jog may be an achievement but on other days making your bed is already big.

There is enough uncertainty around us - how are my exams going to be? Will I graduate on time? Most important is to stay on track with our courses and not pressure ourselves to keep being productive. Maybe it is time to redefine productivity. Maybe it is not about being active and engaged constantly but rather enjoying the small things that keep us alive every day.

The world may feel heavy on you today (especially first year students), asking more from yourself is only going to make it heavier. It’s okay to be indulging in your guilty pleasures here and there. Most importantly, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Cheers!

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