CLMN | Whom should I vote for?


Whom should I vote for, today? If this is your question, then read this article to hear my suggestion. This suggestion comes from a self-proclaimed, self-certified, self-accredited political science guru - ME. Take my advice seriously.

As a South Indian, the biggest problems I face in the Netherlands are:

-There is still no single app that predicts the Dutch rains accurately.
-There is too little sunshine in this country.
-There are no mountains here.

So if any political party can solve these problems, vote for them!

But on a more serious note, this is the dialogue I had with mother Nature when I was voting.

Me: I am left wing. I have a progressive, open-minded and ’all the other articles that the media could think of to define my leftness‘ attitude. I love all the other religions, freedom of speech, expression, right to eat, right to sleep, right to be left.

Nature: I don’t care.

Me: I am right wing. I am conservative, anti-immigration, anti-communist, anti-whatever, anti-anti. I also have most of the other attributes that characterize right wing ideology.

Nature: I don’t care.

Me: Fine, I will stick to a more center path. Neither right nor left. Even I don’t know what my ideology is. I am forced to believe that I have a beautiful blend of both sides.

Nature: I don’t care.

Me: I am a religious, atheist, nationalist, 100% Indian (whatever that means), tall, smart, handsome, sexy, ultra-rich guy.

Nature: I don’t care.

Me: I should vote for someone who cares about our climate issues and make this planet a more sustainable place to live in for us humans.

Nature: Now I care. Let’s talk!

I am no genius on Dutch politics. My suggestion is that all other problems can only get solved if we have a good place to live in.
Please vote wisely.

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