The easiest way to save the world


This is a tough time for everyone. My heart goes out to all those in direct danger, those less fortunate, those without the privileges many of us are lucky enough to make use of. But I’m not here to give you more stats or ask you to stop stocking up on toilet paper for no reason (although it would be nice if we can all agree to stop the panic buying, it’s creating unnecessary shortages of daily supplies). I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the reality of the situation and put my frustrations, fear, and panic all in due perspective.

Having to stay inside for such a long time is going to be tough. Admittedly, the added knowledge of the fact that it’s not just me deciding to stay inside but it’s done out of necessity, makes me want to rebel against (not sure why, the human psyche is a wonder), but I cannot stress this enough: stay inside! It’s day 4 of this self-quarantine and I’m only realising the gift we’ve all been given but were to preoccupied to understand it.

We’ve all been given the gift of time and solitude. Our lives are mostly extremely fast-paced, one task to the next one, self-care only on Sunday’s, etc. But what these upcoming weeks offer you, is time to study for exams, complete assignments, carry on with your education from your bed.

Past the educational purposes, you now have time to start or finish that book you’ve been postponing, time to tune in with yourself and nurture your needs, time to maybe grow a new plant, or to find your gratitude. You now have time to create new routines, start working out regularly (from the warmth of your student room no less!), spend time with your family, harness your secret talents.

While this all sounds idealistic, it has been all we’ve all been asking for when we make excuses, just some time to figure things out! Well, now you have it, make the most of it. Also, wash your hands.

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