New, alternative MOOCs


We all know the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which aim at unlimited participation and open access via the web. Well, in August TU/e experienced various types of MOOCs I’m going to describe. One of them, unlike the real MOOC, was characterized by a limited participation and controlled access to our campus: a peaceful invasion by our new international students which resulted in the presence of Many Outlanders On Campus.

Under the motto 'Let’s get physical' following the Thursday gym lesson, these Outlanders sequentially became wetlanders, joyfully joining in the massive foam and water fight, as revealed by the pictures of Splash, the collective water show on the final day of the Introduction Week. They wanted to hear their bodies talk while splashing each other and shouting “Move On Old Chap!”. Good thing, they say, to have your body work just before you start studying.

Our Outlanders will ultimately become Inlanders. Many lectures, trainings and other (academic) activities in the past weeks have accelerated the integration of these Outlanders into the TU/e Community and made them ready for the start of the academic year. Make Outlanders Our Companions was our slogan!

The new year traditionally starts with a Magnificent, Outstanding Opening Ceremony that took place Monday. The words Magnificent and Outstanding refer this time not so much to the event itself, but to, respectively, the presence of the new rector magnificus and the theme this year: Excellence.

Apart from that, it had more the character of a Members Only Opening Ceremony, with the usual suspects around and few of our Outlanders (who preferred the party after and its Massive Outflow Of Chill). Indeed, more references could have been made in the various speeches to our Multicultural, Outgoing, Outreaching Community and to its many assets which help TU/e to be and stay at the top thank to a Multilateral, Ongoing, Open Cooperation. Diversity, too, which did not show in the composition of the Male Only Organizing Committee, the Federation of Student Associations.

Anyway, the new academic year has now started, time for Outlanders & Inlanders to deal with their Major/Minor, Owinfo, Oase, Clic (to learn Dutch, improve their English, and further develop their intercultural competencies). Under the collective motto: Manage Our Own Case!

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