And how are things in Boston?

This semester you can find me in Boston where I’m doing my internship. I’m doing my internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT.

Boston itself supports many students from over 20 universities, amongst which are the famous Harvard and MIT. The universities support over 200.000 students, which is quite a larger number if you take into account that the Netherlands only supported 650.000 in total in the year 2013-2014. This makes for a vibrant city, with some big events like the Head of the River Charles Regatta, the Boston Marathon and the famous Red Sox.

MIT is an inspirational place, with a vast amount of knowledge, talent and resources. Students here work hard, especially in their Masters. The level of the courses they follow is not necessarily higher than the courses at the TU/e, and I believe that most of the students in Eindhoven will be able to get a degree at MIT with the same effort. However, these universities are more selective as it comes to admissions, for instance they allowed only 7.7% of the applications for the bachelor’s degree in 2013-2014. This strong selection process results in some truly amazing people studying here, with an amazing 81 Nobel laureates as a consequence.

I am a Masters student Systems and Control at the TU/e and for my internship I’m designing and implementing new setups for the Mechatronics course, which is part of the Mechanical Engineering department. I can recommended it to everyone to come to Boston to do your internship at one of the many universities the city has to offer. And don’t be scared to apply to universities like Harvard and MIT, it may surprise you how easy it can be to get admitted!

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