And how are things in Taipei?

Nĭ hăo to all the readers of the Cursor. Since I have been in the Far East from the 28th of July, I think it is more that appropriate to great you all in the Chinese way.

I do have to confess, however, that my knowledge about this extraordinary language is quite limited. That is not so weird if you consider the fact that everything can be pronounced in four different ways, and that every different pronunciation has a different meaning. For instance, mā is mother and mǎ is horse. Imagine mixing those two up in a daily conversation. Luckily I have only had two lessons of mandarin so far, so I hope to become a lot better during the next Semester. If you are interested in learning more about the Mandarin language then I could recommend to you this link. 

Then in short some experiences of my stay in Taipei so far. Despite the fact that I am here for over six weeks now, every day keeps on turning out into an adventure. Sudden rainstorms like you have never seen in the Netherlands before, getting into a strangers’ truck for a bumpy ride to be able to arrive in the right place, climbing trough rivers, eating rice with chopsticks (which is really not that easy), drinking Taiwanese wine with locals… everyday brings something new and exciting.

Time flies and I enjoy my stay here a lot. The relaxing atmosphere in Taipei is refreshing and new to me. Everybody really takes the time for everything, and that is something I can learn a lot from. It makes you more conscious of the things you do every day, and for that reason it is one of the most important things I would like to take back with me from my Exchange Semester.

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