And how are things in Mexico City?

Mexico, the country of drug cartels, Tequila, tacos and corruption. It’s also the country I decided to do my internship for the bachelor program of Industrial Design. It is a challenge , because the country doesn’t have a long design tradition. Early August I left for Mexico City to start my internship at ‘Studio José de la O’.

I’ve been in Mexico for more than a month now, and I love it here. I’ve noticed some things, too. For one, Mexicans do eat a lot of tacos and chili peppers. To my great surprise, it’s not tequila  that’s the most popular liquor in Mexico City, but mescal. Although it’s  also made of agave,  it’s much smoother than Tequila.

For designers, Mexico City is paradise. There are incredibly many resources and it’s brimming with creativity. No matter how crazy your design, Mexicans make it for a bargain. There are lots of major internationals factories, but you’ll find small family-run factories just as well.

During my first week my internship coach took me to a little glass factory that manufactures his glass products. The factory was inside an ordinary house, but the kitchen and living room were transformed into a glass workshop.

Unfortunately there’s a big difference between the rich and the poor in Mexico, a divide that’s maintained by the current government. The people see the president as a puppet of the rich, who are often in cahoots with drug cartels.

Despite there being several unsafe places and roads, to me Mexico is the country of colors, warmth, openness, great food, and very friendly people who are always there for each other and for strangers.

I hope I have been able to share my enthusiasm and encourage others to visit this beautiful country. I’m sure they’ll love Mexico as much as I do.

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