And how are things in Dübendorf?

When I started my study Building Engineering, I knew I wanted to graduate at Building Physics and Services in the chair acoustics. During my study I learned about wind flows and wind tunnels. For my graduation project I wanted to combine acoustics and wind flows.

So when my supervisor asked me in December 2013 if I wanted to do a graduation project at Empa in Dübendorf (Zürich, Switzerland) in a wind tunnel, of course I said yes. I had to examine the wind effect of the shielding of traffic noise by buildings.

Empa had arranged a lot for me already (like a room, compensation for my stay (there is no scholarship between the TUE and the ETH)). This compensation is very welcome, because Switserland is an expensive country to live in. Some matters that I still had to arrange myself where signing-up at the local authority and arranging a bank account. Also a health care insurance is in Switserland very important. You need to hand over a declaration that this is taken care of in the Netherlands and also is usable in Switserland. This was in the beginning difficult to arrange.

On May 5th, 2014 I came to Zürich. The first part of my stay mainly consisted of doing test to see if everything was possible and feasible. Soon it was clear the research had to be adapted. Of course there also were some other problems, like defect and not good working equipment. The final experiments consist of acoustical measurements in the wind tunnel and particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements (measurements to determine the flow field). The planning is to be done with the measurements at September 30th.

I learned a lot of this graduation project and I'm sure I want to continue these activities in the future.

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