Not open access? No Annual Prize TU/e

Master students and PhD candidates wishing to qualify this year for the Doctoral Awards of TU/e must ensure that they have made their thesis or dissertation freely accessible to the general public. The relevant resolution was adopted by the Executive Board this month. By doing so the university is in line with the Dutch policy of encouraging ‘open access’ publication. The new requirement does not apply to reports of PDEng candidates.

In order to provide theses or dissertations with the ‘open access’ label it is enough to submit them digitally to the Information Expertise Center. The document will then be archived in the so-called Repository of TU/e. For final theses this will in principle be done by the department involved. PhD candidates need to take care of this themselves. Overviews of the public theses and dissertations in the TU/e Repository can be found here and here respectively.

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