Paid parking postponed by two weeks

Paid parking for staff will be implemented on Wednesday, April 15. Reason for the delay is confusion about the Celebeslaan parking lot, where TU/e staff can park for free. However, in order to be able to access campus after April 6, staff will have to apply for the new parking system before that.

The past month, TU/e and the city have been arguing about whether or not TU/e needed a permit for the Celebeslaan parking lot. The permit for building the parking area was initially rejected by the city. The TU/e Executive Board thought they could circumnavigate the rejection by offering the nearby Lorentz Casimir Lyceum the possibility to use the parking lot as well, as that would fit in with the zoning plan.

At the university board meeting last Monday afternoon, board member Jo van Ham explained the issue will be discussed in the municipal Planning and Real Estate committee once again. Prior to that meeting, there is no certainty regarding the permit, so the parking lot cannot be used, either. “Since we want to live up to our promise there would be a free alternative as soon as paid parking was implemented, we’ve decided to postpone paid parking until April 15”, says Van Ham.

License plate registration will take effect on April 7, but campus card access is still an option as well. Rianne van Eerd, chairwoman of staff party PUR, said she inquired about the matter herself, as she wanted to know how to access campus with a temporary rental car of which the license plate is yet unknown.

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