Environmental umbrella organization blames TU/e of illegal three-cutting

TU/e will meet with TGE shortly. The environmental organization blames the university of illegal tree-cutting at Celebeslaan, where it intends to build a new parking lot. The environmental organization is “astonished that a university that wants to be sustainable is fine tearing down their immediate surroundings”.

TGE (Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven) is concerned that the university “shows off its concern with sustainability, while behind the scenes people are chopping down precious trees”.

According to Chairman Joop van Hout, at least three trees have been cut down without the necessary permit. TGE predicts another twenty trees will “get the chop” within three years.

Véronique Marks, director of DH at TU/e, says they’ve discussed their plans with several parties at the very beginning, including TGE. The umbrella organization, which has some ninety affiliates, opposed the logging permit TU/e had applied for – and eventually didn’t get. A new plan was set up after that. “We’ll lose about twenty parking spaces, but we’ll be able to save the trees”, says Marks.

The director is surprised at how TGE has been accusing TU/e in the media. “Our people are professionals. I can’t but believe we’ve done a good job; we have no intention of damaging anything.”

Marks would have liked the environmental umbrella organization to confront TU/e with the issue directly. Still, DH will visit the site to see how the work progresses, after which they will contact TGE “to try and lift their concerns”.

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